Are You AB2B Startup? Here Are the Perfect B2B E-Commerce Platforms for You

//Are You AB2B Startup? Here Are the Perfect B2B E-Commerce Platforms for You

Are You AB2B Startup? Here Are the Perfect B2B E-Commerce Platforms for You

Are starting up a B2B venture? Probably, you started your business as a B2C entrepreneur. You have been experiencing constant growth. Also, some of your customers are joining you in the virtual selling. After some time, you have realized you can benefit more as a vendor to the upcoming businesses other than competing with them. However, getting a B2B e-commerce platform that favors your current state is a hard tackle. The available ones are charging you awesome amounts that you cannot sustain with the current budgets and revenue. If this is yourprevailing case, do not worry you are in the right place. Here are 3 newbies friendly B2B e-commerce platforms:

Shopify plus

Were you running your online store on Shopify? If so, you are searching for a platform to support your next level of business as Shopify does not have an option for it. You are wrong. Even though Shopify is a small and medium enterprise-friendly platform, it has an opportunity for your business expansion. This e-commerce solution has an enterprise-level package known as Shopify plus. Since you have been using Shopify, you can ascertain that it has innovative features and apps that enhance your business operations. This aspect does not change when you subscribe to their B2B e-commerce platform option. Hence, before checking any other platform, consider Shopify plus.


In this era, having the ability to monitor your business from any location at any time. For this reason, having an opportunity to do your business through any internet-enabled and computing device is a good idea. Contalog is a B2B e-commerce platform that enables you to realize this dream. It enables you to anchor your business on the cloud. Apart from this, the platform has an array of superb features that work well in harnessing your customer experience and inventory management. Compared with other premium B2B solutions, Contalog is affordable. Hence, it is a perfect match for newbies with shoestring budgets.


The hardest part of an e-commerce business is order fulfillment. For you to succeed in this sector, you must have a streamlined process of delivering your orders to the customers. If this tallies with your priority, NetSuite is a good option. The B2B e-commerce platform offers superb B2B shipping and inventory management features. With it, you can be sure that your customers will receive their items on time. Also, no cases of lost shipments or items.

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