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Amazing B2B Examples: How Does Your Ecommerce Site Compare

Certain factors are required to succeed online no matter your product or market! Here are amazing b2b examples, check and see how does your ecommerce site compare!

How can we describe B2B and B2C websites? They are the same but different. In order for you to successfully sell online, there are some essentials that need to be taken into consideration, regardless of your products or market. Some of these essentials are a simple navigation, high-quality images, a powerful product search functionality, and much more.

There are other features that are more useful in B2B selling than in B2C selling and this is the point where the magic happens. The businesses that are focused on this market (the B2B market) need to consider these aspects if they want to maximize their sales and move their business on to the next level.

We would like to give you an inspiration for your new B2B ecommerce site by presenting you the functionalities we believe are essential for this market. We also want to give you some b2B ecommerce examples that have already done things well.

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Here are a few B2B examples of B2B ecommerce websites done right:

1. A superb user experience: MOO is a very popular business stationery brand. The way their ecommerce website is created speaks much about the products they sell. They aren’t just selling business stationary or paper products, but they are selling products that will help you open doors, start conversations, and strengthen relationships.

The website has a friendly and yet professional feeling. Original photography takes money and time, however, it is an incredible investment for all B2B ecommerce websites. MOO has a tab where you can go through products other visitors have purchased, making it feel more like an online store than a business website.

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2. Detailed descriptions and product information: The B2C sites offer plenty of descriptions and product information so the question is, why shouldn’t B2B sites offer that as well? There are some B2B products that are complex and technical, however, the complexity shouldn’t stop you from presenting all the information online buyers care about.

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You can present that information in different ways – through videos, high-quality photos, written descriptions, spec sheets, and etc. You need to offer your visitors a quick and easy way to discover the most important details about the products you are selling and through the details presented to convince them to purchase the products. For example, Dell does a great job of presenting a detailed product description. If you check their website you will see that most of the product pages include written product descriptions, tech specs, awards, videos, and reviews.

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3. Customized pricing: In the B2B ecommerce world, some functionality such as customized pricing matters more especially if you are targeting a large-size business. These businesses tend to buy in bulk and they expect discounts and different prices. If your business is catering to enterprises and large companies, your website needs to provide a customized pricing and a buying experience that is tailored to specific customers. For example, some companies such as Staples Business Advantage can easily customize the product assortment or recommend a few products that fit the needs of particular buyers.

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Does your current B2B ecommerce site offer a superb user experience, detailed description and information, and customized pricing? Are you satisfied with the B2B ecommerce platform you are currently using?

If not, it is time to make a change! Shopify is one of the best b2b ecommerce solutions on the market. It can help you build the perfect ecommerce site that offers an excellent user experience, clear and detailed description, and customized pricing.

Sharing is Awesome, Do It!

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